My family calls me a white-haired woman. “You go mom,” they’ll say. “Everyone is nice to you.” And it’s true, there is a certain privilege that is generally given to the white haired wonders of the world. But remember we didn’t start out that way. I always wished I could sing or play an instrument, humming would be nice, but all that I can do creatively to express myself is write.

You’re welcome to join me on this journey through truth and fiction. Come and visit my family and friends here as I continue that quest for “what I want to do when I grow up”.

I am an author and I love writing about real life. Until I was 68 I’d never ever told a fiction story.


My husband and I married a long time ago after waiting until he finished his four year commitment to the USAF because I didn’t want to move all the time.

Despite our best laid plans, we’ve lived in 18 different cities in four different states. We’ve raised and married off four fantastic kids and are blessed with seven grandchildren and three "granddogs". Along the way we’ve had the privilege meeting extraordinary people with extraordinary stories that need to be told.

Having spent ten years as a houseparent living in a dorm with a dozen kids, including my own, I have a wealth of real life stories to pull from. For nine years I was the manager of six departments in a store in Lancaster County. Then I spent nine years as personal assistant to the President of Veritas Press, a school and homeschool curriculum provider with an emphasis on Classical Christian Education.