The Adventures of Ulyanna Unicorn and Her Friends

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BOOK 1  Ulyanna Unicorn Visits the Village

Ulyanna Unicorn and her faithful friend Billy the Bluebird set out to explore the village at the bottom of Mt. Imagine. With the help of Neverdust that Billy carries in a pouch around his little blue neck, they are able to talk to the boys and girls they meet along the way.

This happy little unicorn wants to try everything that the children are doing, but it’s not easy to jump rope, ride a bike, or skateboard when you have four legs instead of two. But this unicorn is not one to back down from a challenge!

Enjoy reading about her adventures while Billie alternately encourages and cautions his friend! This story highlights Kindness, Helpfulness and Generosity.


Don't worry - the link isn't broken!  We're putting the finishing touches on this little book and it will be available so soon - so keep checking back!


BOOK 2 {coming soon!}

Spring has arrived in the land of Neverwas and Ulyanna Unicorn can’t wait to plan another adventure. Billy the Bluebird coaxes her to let him go along when she decides to learn how to fly.

Despite hours of practice at running, jumping and hopping, Ulyanna can’t fly until she meets Freddy the Frog and Tommy the Turtle. Tommy urges his unicorn friend to go with him so he can teach her to fly.

Read about her efforts and her new friends who are introduced in this story highlighting Ambition, Resourcefulness, Courage and Determination.