a Loaner - not an Owner

Sometimes it’s easyto forget that these little people who fill our homes are not ours. 

They’re only on loan to us. Scripture calls them, “Children are a gift from God.”    I have never taken a gift; birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day and squashed it. We vividly recall the hours of painful labor that brought them into the world, the seemingly endless sleepless nights, and such worry about their welfare.  We think that makes them ours.

But it doesn’t.

They’re still His - entrusted to our care.

We are entrusted with the care of this great gift and we often just take it for granted.  It doesn’t stop with being a mom, it happens with a grandmom too.  It’s so easy, easy, easy to say, “Just a minute.”  Do you know how long a minute is to a kid?  Sometimes it can be three hours long and by the time you come back to ask what they wanted, they’ve FORGOTTEN!

It’s not that interrupting us while we’re talking is okay.  It’s not.  That’s manners. But while we’re doing dishes, cleaning the toilet, facebooking, checking out pinterest, or twitter, really? Why do they have to wait?  Are the dishes, the toilet, facebook, pinterest or twitter more important than they are?  To that we’d answer a resounding, “NO.”  But it’s so much easier to ask for just another minute.

Often times what we mean is, give me ten minutes, just ten.  I just want to finish going to the bathroom by myself.  But that’s not where we’re at often times.  Whatever seems urgent to them, is urgent - to them. It could be a doll stuck somewhere upside down with blood rushing to its little plastic head.  Perhaps that new Matchbox car was just run over by a bike. That can be a tragedy if you’re three....or six.

Years ago we had two bedrooms connected by a bathroom. I can almost hear children calling for me throughout the house.  Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how urgent they felt their request to be.  But, I also wasn’t able NOT to answer, so in the faintest of voices I’d say, (really small letters here) “I’m here. I’m here (hiding) in the bathroom.” Actually I was hoping no one would hear me, but was unable not to respond to their call.

God calls us to love “the apple of His eye”.  Whether we are reminded of this at 26 or 60, remember that we have the privilege of pouring into God’s treasure from the abundance of wisdom and mercy He’s shown to us. We need to respond to these little people as though He was sitting in the room observing us.

Cause He is.