How to Publish a Book


Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have a picture taken for your driver's license. A little unconventional ----- I know!

The man behind the counter looked at me, then my license, and back to me again. (He made me wonder what I had forgotten. I was pretty sure I liked the outfit I was wearing enough to carry it around on my license for the next four years.)

"Do you STILL drive your motorcycle?" he asked. He may have noticed my silver gray hair.


Speaking up for fear I didn't hear him, "DO YOU STILL DRIVE YOUR MOTORCYCLE?"

"No! I never drove a motorcycle."

"Well," he said, "you paid an extra $20.00 for your motorcycle license. Did you pass the test?"


I felt like we were speaking different languages. Met only by my blank stare and gaping mouth, he added, "Well, next time you might want to leave that block unchecked and save yourself $20.00."

"Good. Good to know. Thanks."

The required photo turned out better than some I have had in the past. At least in this one there's not so much light shining through the silver locks that my hair becomes invisible!


Returning to my car, I checked the rearview mirror. Still having a good hair day. Armed with the newly completed watercolor illustrations for my Ulyanna Unicorn book and permission from the State of Pennsylvania to hop on a Harley if I wanted to, I moved forward. It was time to take my creature friends out of the computer and introduce them to a whole new world.

I put the address for Yurchak Printing in my phone and then set the Garmin accordingly. When I reached the destination, the name on the building and the street address didn't coincide. After driving up and down the street in front of the building a couple of times, I checked the rearview again. Still okay. What can it hurt - I'm going in anyway. Wrong business name, right street number.

Yurchak Printing had moved. However, the girls at Apex Printing were very kind and found a new address for me.


Resetting the Garmin to the new address, I forged on.

Garmin told me I had arrived at my destination but there was NO sign out front. I passed the building several times before I had the nerve to stop again. When I worked at Veritas Press for nine years, we never had a sign out front.

It's now or never!

With a hope and a prayer, I reached for the car's door handle. What's the worst that could happen?

Met inside by a keypad, a poster of instructions and a wall mounted phone, I started dialing numbers listed on the poster for Customer Service. Each time I heard the phone ringing on the other side of the wall. Each time, no one answered. (I didn't realize then that it was past their closing time.) After five or six tries, a man answered the door and told me, "Wait here," and closed the door again.

Sheer determination at this point, a good hair day, and a license to drive a motorcycle kept me glued to my spot.

I am so glad I waited!

When the door opened again I was greeted with a smile and a handshake by John Yurchak, Jr., who introduced himself simply as John. He showed me to a conference room where we began the ground work for publishing my series of children's books.

Together we are breathing life into a menagerie of animals that like to do many of the things children enjoy. They want to ride a skateboard, go to the beach, learn to fly, and visit the circus, to name  few. Their home is a stable tucked beside a castle at the top of Mt. Imagine in the land of Neverwas. You won't find Neverwas on any map today, it's in that space between Half Asleep and Half Awake where reality and fantasy collide.

The goal of the series is to teach character qualities to children in a nurturing and engaging way.

This is not the process to publish a book that I would recommend to all new authors, but .....


Watch for my friendly animals in the near future. They are bursting out of the stable, venturing further into the land of Neverwas.